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We have been here with you
since 2004


Our wine bar and restaurant Radniční sklípek focuses mainly on Czech cuisine, which we understand in a modern style. We enjoy gastronomy, so we pay attention to its high quality. Preparing meals from fresh ingredients is a matter of course for us. We also try to use as many Czech raw materials as possible. We take game from the Litoměřice company, which buys it from local hunters, and poultry and carcass chilled from Czech companies. We prepare fresh fish every weekend. Above all, the menu includes tuna, swordfish and sea bream. We fill the salmon ourselves and take it from suppliers twice a week. Frozen raw materials, we use as little as possible. So everything is our own production and you would only look for semi-finished products with us in exceptional cases.

That is why we participated in the project "Taste the Czech Republic" (Czech Specials), which promotes Czech gastronomy with the support of Czech Tourism. This certification is granted and compliance with quality is subsequently checked by the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of the Czech Republic and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, of which we are also members.

The royal town of Litoměřice, where the sightseeing route is located below part of the square. Here, in the Gothic cellar, there are up to three floors below the surface of the wine bar and restaurant Radniční sklípek Litoměřice. In 1975, a tour of part of the historic cellars under this and the surrounding houses towards Michalská Street was opened from here. The cellars, built for economic reasons since the Middle Ages, have a total of three floors and are connected by corridors. The total length of the route where the museum's lapidary is installed is 366 meters. Originally, they were several kilometers long, connected churches and monasteries in Litoměřice and led to the surroundings.


My name is František Kopecký and I trained as a chef - waiter in Žatec and then he changed several establishments, including the famous Kotva motor station in Vaňov. After 1990, I took the opportunity to travel abroad and worked for two years as a chef on a passenger ship sailing on the Rhine under the Dutch flag.

I gained a lot of experience and, of course, the necessary capital to start a business with us. However, I did not start in gastronomy, but in the wholesale of ceramics. When the opportunity arose to rent very interesting premises on Mírové náměstí from the city, I tried my luck and took on my business plan, in which I combined my expertise with managerial skills.

Since 2004, I have been trying to show guests that it is worth choosing a good company, where they will be offered quality services for reasonable money, from the environment, willingness and expertise of staff to the most important, food made from quality ingredients and first-class drinks. One should afford such a gift from time to time.

The Czechs have already learned to choose consumer goods, the same should apply in gastronomy, which is still not appreciated. It is true that the past years have contributed to this, but so many years have passed since the Velvet Revolution that we should improve in this area as well. I do not want to be an expert, but a person who loves his craft and especially good food complemented by quality wine.


What our customers say

Average customer rating 4.4 (844 reviews Google)

  • We had beef cheeks with mashed potatoes and beef calves with potato pancakes, the meat was excellent, side dishes as well, we also enjoyed a dessert, chocolate fondant with fruit ice cream. We were very satisfied with the service, food and the whole restaurant, we will be happy to visit again.
  • Professional approach, friendly staff, great selection of wines, excellent and excellent menu, great fish specialties, which are always announced in advance everything fresh. My favorite is fresh tuna steak 🥩, but you can also enjoy octopuses and much more.
  • My friend and I are 9.6. in the afternoon they visited you in the restaurant and we were very pleasantly surprised. The young waiter of the sports figure in charge of the interior was very precise and professional (He was probably just learning, a colleague explained to him how to use a work phone.) However, it was not known that he was new there. We ordered a salad with salmon, kulajda and a calf with potato pancakes and everything was luxurious. We want to send a huge compliment to him and the chefs in the kitchen for a beautiful experience with you! Thank you
  • Black Angus Burger, french fries, cola, ketchup, mayonnaise, total. On the square in Litoměřice, in the evening, great atmosphere and view, Burger as it should be, service super. Only the Germans would not have to shout those cigars here ... Even so for 5 *****
  • My husband and I were having a late lunch at this restaurant yesterday. We had 2x kulajda, tartare and veal liver. We haven't enjoyed it like this in a long time. Everything as it should be, the soup is supplemented with a scrambled egg, it is no longer visible today. Incredibly professional service staff. This is what it should look like. We will be happy to return.
  • Excellent environment, excellent food and nice and functioning staff, when I visit Litoměřice, I will stop at something good👍😀
  • A great cafe next to the cellar belongs to the cellar and is called RS Cafe. It is next to cafe Anděl. I recommend the chestnut cake. The staff was willing.
  • Restaurant with an adjacent cafe on the square. During the summer with a garden. The restaurant is not among the cheapest but cooks well. Serving just right. Nice service.
  • This restaurant is absolutely great. Great service, very tasty food. If we go to Litoměřice again, we will definitely be happy to stop.
  • Today I brought 3 x goose with dumplings + kaldoun, as well as a local beer from Swan and St. Martin's wine - gourmet beauty! Thank you very much.