Restaurace Litoměřice

Restaurace Litoměřice

Town hall cellar was opened in the spring of 1993 in the historical cellar of the house č.p.21 the Peace Square in Litomerice. This is the core of a Renaissance building with a baroque layered scrolled gable. In Baroque rebuilt at the turn of the 17th and 18 century. In 1975 the then available guided tour of the historic cellars under this and the surrounding houses. toward Michalska street. Cellars built for economic reasons since the Middle Ages have a total of three floors and are connected by corridors. The total length of the route, which is installed Lapidary Museum measured 366 meters. Originally they were several miles long, connecting churches and monasteries in Litoměřice and led into the surroundings.

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Town hall cellar

Restaurant Litomerice


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